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Science/Social Studies

  • Go beyond hot and cold with this easy-to-read wall-mounted thermometer. Assign a different student each day to read the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. For indoor or outdoor use. Recessed tube prevents accidents. Temperatures range from -40° to 50°C and -40°F to 120°F.
  • Learning to read maps is fun and easy when students have a visual reference!Help your students build navigation skills with the 34-piece All About Maps mini bulletin board set. This geography bulletin board set provides clear, visual support when teaching about different kinds of maps, features of maps, and how to read maps. Set includes:
    • 1 header (20.25" x 5.5")
    • 11 definition cards (5.5" x 2")
    • 11 example cards (smallest 6.25" x 5.5")
    • 11 word cards (smallest 2.75" x 1.25", largest 3.5" x 1.25")
    Make the most of small spaces with Carson Dellosa’s mini bulletin board sets. Available in a variety of colors and designs, these sets are designed to grab your students’ attention while they learn important skills and lessons. Be sure to look at Carson-Dellosa’s other social studies bulletin boards to enhance learning!
  • Featuring significant events that led the U.S. colonies to independence from Great Britain, the American Revolution Time Line is the perfect addition to your social studies classroom.This informative history mini bulletin board set includes:
    • 8 strips (21" x 6" each) that feature notable people and events from the Revolutionary War (1765–1783), such as:
      • Sons of Liberty
      • Boston Massacre
      • Boston Tea Party
      • Intolerable Acts
      • Patrick Henry
      • First Continental Congress
      • Paul Revere
      • William Dawes
      • Benedict Arnold
      • Bunker Hill
      • George Washington
      • Molly Pitcher
      • Benjamin Franklin
      • Treaty of Paris
    • A resource guide
    • Resource Guide
  • Take a trip around the world with this engaging, multicultural study. Learn not only basic information about the countries you are studying, but also about their language, food, history, culture, flag, geographical location, and more! You'll have a magnificent time learning facts about each country, making recipes, and singing songs in different languages. With Another Trip Around the World, your class will tour India, Argentina, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Panama, Nigeria, Greece, France, Russia, Venezuela, and Antarctica.
    • 12 blank pages each passport
    • 12 passports per pack
    • 4.25"x 5.5"
  • These durable, non-toxic thermometers measure from -30°C to 120°C and from -22°F to 240°F. Safe to use, these thermometers are made from plastic and are mercury-free. Use them for measuring the boiling points of various liquids. Set of 10 thermometers in a reusable storage box. Grades 3 +
  • Students can look inside their own heads with this realistic model.
    • Features cerebellum, frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, corpus callosum, brain stem, hippocampus, ventricles, insula, corpus striatum, internal capsule and lentiform nucleus
    • Perfect in a nervous system center for a deeper understanding of how the parts of the brain work together
    • Includes 31-Piece model, display stand, and guide with facts and photo-illustrated assembly instructions
    • Measures 3.8"H when assembled
  • Students learn weight and measurement hands-on with this super-durable plastic balance. Removable, easy-to-grip, clear 1/2 liter buckets make it easy for small hands to pour and measure. Compensator with sensitivity to one gram. 
  • The eight (21" x 6") strips in this mini bulletin board set illustrate the fundamentals of animal and plant cells, including cell models and functions of specific types of cells in plants and animals. Includes a teacher resource guide.
    • Resource Guide
  • This fascinating anatomy-themed bulletin board set includes:
    • 2 figures (approx. 50” tall each when assembled)
    • A header
    • A resource guide
    • Resource Guide
  • Durable plastic goggles protect eyes, while flexible body increases wearing comfort. Great for kids and adults.
  • Teach your students all about Community Helpers! This bulletin board set is a perfect addition for any classroom and character education curriculum. It includes 20 different community helpers, a header and 20 labels.
  • Teaching the parts of an animal cell to your child is easy, thanks to this hands-on model! The soft foam cell splits in half to show the key parts of an animal cell, including the nucleus, nucleolus, vacuole, centrioles, cell membrane and more. One hemisphere is labeled with the parts of the cell; the other features only letters next to each cell part, making it a natural tool for your child to practice for his next test at home. A Reference Guide is included, providing activity ideas and facts about animal cells. Coordinates with magnetic cell model
  • Open up nature for inner exploration. When soft foam models split, one side shows the name of each part. The other side is labeled only with letters so kids can quiz themselves. The model features realistic details and includes an Activity Guide with lots of facts and a reproducible eye diagram to label.
    • Features cornea, iris, pupil, retina, lens, optic nerve, vitreous humor, sclera, choroid, macula ciliary muscle, optic disc and zonules
    • Measures 5" in diameter
  • Helping your child understand the complexities of the human brain is easy with this labeled cross-section model. One half is labeled with the parts of the brain and the other has with letters only for test preparation purposes. An Activity Guide is included with detailed information on the human brain and how it functions.
  • This human heart model comes apart to create a cross-section view for hands-on demonstrations. The areas of the heart are labeled on the inside of one side with corresponding letters on the other side to help with test preparation. The included Activity Guide provides detailed information on the heart and how it functions.