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Kanoodle® Game

Product Number: EI-2978
The Big Idea Knot your noodle! Construct caboodles of 2-D and 3-D puzzles with this brain-twisting solitaire game. Pick a puz...
The Big Idea
Knot your noodle! Construct caboodles of 2-D and 3-D puzzles with this brain-twisting solitaire game. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. Hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle!

Psst…They’re Learning!
  • Challenges spatial reasoning skills
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
Cut to the Chase
  • 200 Brain-building puzzles
  • Tricky 2-D rectangular and mind-boggling 3-D pyramid puzzles at multiple levels of difficulty
  • All pieces store inside portable, pocket-size case for easy cleanup and play anywhere
  • Includes 12 puzzle pieces and 44-page illustrated puzzle book
  • For 1 player

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Educational Insights, Inc.

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