About Us

Parentteacherstore.com is a web store where you can find all kinds of home and professional projectors. You can get a projector for any budget or purpose. The products we sell have some of the best price to quality ratios because of our new approach. 

It’s time to forget about watching movies on a small screen when you can project it onto the screen. It’s time to shift to using projectors in education even more actively. With us, you can do that in no time and with any budget.

Feel free to enjoy the many features of this web store:

  • 8 categories.
    There are more than 2 types of projectors. You get to choose any that you want.

  • Prices lower than at most local stores.
    A physical local store has to bear expenses that cannot be avoided. To cover them, the price of the products is inflated. We are a web store, and we don’t have to do that.

  • Prices lower than the market price.
    Almost any web store is cheaper than a local store. But very few other web stores offer their products cheaper than us. We can afford low prices because of our precise niche targeting and low storage expenses. 

  • Product recommendations based on your search.
    You may be looking for something specific, but something else might be a better buy for you. Thanks to our pool of aggregate data, we can offer you something that you may enjoy even better than what you’re looking for.

  • Timely product updates.
    Niche web stores often fail to provide accurate data. We don’t show you a product if it’s out of stock. You also don’t have to wait for cutting edge projectors for long. If they exist, we’re busy getting them from the manufacturer and putting them on our website.

  • Category updates.
    It is quite possible that we might have to increase the number of categories to offer you a better customer experience. We already did that twice. 

  • Safe and secure payment.
    We only use safe and secure payment methods that you can trust.

  • Customer service.
    Web stores like ours often have non-existent customer service. At best, you get an email after a few days of waiting. Not so with us! We still don’t promise a 24/7 online presence, but any of your questions will be answered in 24 hours.

  • New features to come.
    We hate to stagnate. We are not going to. Our IT department is developing a new smart filter and improving our AI product offers every day. Improvements are deployed weekly. Major improvements are deployed bimonthly. Core improvements and policy changes will be announced as per our Privacy Policy.

We are open to suggestions. To deliver you the best service, we need to know what is the best service for you. Yes, you. Every customer is precious, and so are their ideas and criticism. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.